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Nyano Jhola is a bag pack which contains maternal and baby clothes and it is given to the newly born babies and their mother. Nyano Jhola is a government program which aims to ensure the health and safety of mother and their new borns. The Nyano Jhola, or Warm Bags, program provides a bag containing clothes for mother and baby to women who deliver at government health clinics. Nyano Jhola are made at the Marigolad Readymade Collection Udyog. The bag contains a gown for the mother, a wrapping cloth and two sets of baby clothes, including traditional Nepalese garments, a cap, socks, mittens and a vest.The program also gives free medical care at the time of delivary, different medicines such as iron pills and vaccination for the child. The program also plans on giving 1000 rupees to the mother of the new born.
Rs. 1000 /-

Our Team

Gita Devi Bhusal

It is also difficult to attract them to hospital only with awarness, so the concept of NyanoJhola was introduced.

Arun Mandal

The office of the program NyanoJhola is situated at Chandragiri Municipality in Gurjudhara where more than 500 women have received employment facilities through this program.


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James Paul
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